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Send your press releases in less than 10 minutes with PressPort.
When you create a newsroom you can try PressPort for 14 days - free and without obligations.



For companies, organizations and SEO agencies in need of sending and publishing few press releases.

For smaller communication needs

  • Send or publish press releases 24/7
  • Media databases
  • Statistics
  • SEO / search engine optimized
Press release distribution (1 pcs)65 USD
Publisher (1 pcs)45 USD

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Send press releases, communicate easily with journalists and media and gather all PR in professional newsroom.

1 SEO optimized newsroom

  • Send and publish press releases and PR 24/7 - unlimited
  • Media database + own contact lists
  • Statistics, Insights, and Analysis
  • File Manager
  • Unlimited users
Optional Onboarding (?)300 USD

* Monthly price. Billed annually.

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7,159 companies and organizations have chosen PressPort to distribute their press releases, get media monitoring, attract more business and publicity
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Frequently asked questions

How does PressPort work? +
PressPort is an easy-to-use digital PR platform for your news and stories. You can create an account and set up your newsroom, draft a press release, choose relevant media contacts, publish your PR stories and engage with your audience. You can then analyze and optimize results to improve future campaigns.
Does the trial commit me to anything? +
No, and you don’t need your credit card for signing up. You only need to accept our Terms and Conditions. You can then test the STANDARD and PREMIUM packages entirely for free during the trial period.

After the trial period we hope you are so satisfied with the results that you will stay with PressPort Press Release Distribution services. However, should you want to cancel after the trial period, you don't have to do anything. Cancellations happens automatically unless you tell us otherwise. Simple.
What is Onboarding? +
Onboarding an optional product enabling you a head start with digital PR. Get going on PressPort from Day 1, while we carry over all your PR material, republish your press releases and set up your newsroom on PressPort. We highly recommend purchasing the Onboarding option so you can focus entirely on creating great new content and telling your PR stories.
How do I pay? +
You can pay directly on our website using credit card, bank transfer/invoice, SWIFT/IBAN and PayPal. All payments are processed through a secure online payment provider safekeeping credit card details. Your credit card details are not shared with PressPort, and we do not store your credit card information in our databases.
Can more than one user use the same account? +
Yes, there is no limit on the number of users who can use the same account. Any account can only be used for one company only, so if you wish to send PR material on behalf of several companies please reach out to us so we can discuss the CUSTOM option with you.
I am a journalist. How can I get access to press releases? +
You need to sign up as a journalist. You can then search for companies, industries or keywords and follow those.
In general, will I be charged Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST)? +
Customers outside the European Union: GST/VAT will not be charged.

Businesses and organisations residing in the European Union: If you provide us a valid VAT-number we will automatically remove all VAT/GST on any invoices. Otherwise, you will automatically be charged 25 % VAT according to the EU/DK-rules.
What is the difference between Newsroom and Prepaid? +
PressPort's newsroom solutions (STANDARD and PREMIUM) are subscription products aimed at companies / organizations that have many press releases, and would like to gather everything in their own press room. The subscriptions run for one year at a time and we offer a free trial.

PressPort's BASIC account type is based on the purchase of prepays with x number of press releases. BASIC typically caters to companies / agencies with less need for strategic PR communication.

There are 2 kinds of prepaid solutions:

a) prepaid distributions where your press releases can be send to media / journalists who are relevant (you select from our media lists).

b) prepaid publishing where your press releases are published on PressPort's websites, but not sent directly to journalists and media.

Send press releases for free for 14 days - create a Newsroom with PressPort.

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