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ALPINOLS and TOMMY CHONG CBD Collaboration 2021

Press release March 7, 2021 Alpinols CBD Tommy Chong Zurich/Berlin, Winter 2021: ALPINOLS, the expert for premium organic hemp extracts from Switzerland, launches an exclusively developed organic CBD product line in Europe together with Hollywood legend Tommy Chong.

Naturli’ extends their “Green Dream” to the USA

Press release December 7, 2020
PR photo Henrik Lund, CEO, Naturli
Naturli´ Naturli f LaFrieda In 2021, Naturli Foods is set to enter the rapidly-growing US market for plant-based foods. The plant-based food manufacturer from Denmark has entered into a strategic cooperative agreement with the leading wholesaler LaFrieda from New Jersey. LaFrieda delivers premium meat products to 600 supermarkets, including Wakefern/Shoprite with 350 stores. Chopped and The Burger from Naturli’ will be part of the assortment.

Olympic gold medalist Pernille Blume launches her second lingerie line with the sports brand DANISH ENDURANCE

Press release October 27, 2020
2.Pernille Blume LowRes with logo 2 Jo Andersson
Women Sport Lingerie Bold blooms. So does the Danish Olympic Gold Medalist Pernille Blume, who today is launching her second lingerie collection together with the sports brand DANISH ENDURANCE.

Press release: Olympic Gold Medalist Pernille Blume enters collaboration with DANISH ENDURANCE

Press release September 17, 2020 Fashion Sport The Olympic Gold Medalist and Danish Swim Star Pernille Blume enters a partnership with the sports brand DANISH ENDURANCE for the launch of a new collection of women’s lingerie. Read more in the press release in attachment.

Launched in the US: 1 People Opens Up a New Way to Democratise Sustainable Luxury

Press release August 25, 2020
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Sustainable Luxury Danish design 1 People 1 People is a revolutionary Danish lifestyle brand with a mindset that envisions high-end fashion to be sustainable, made at the highest quality and yet set at a fair price.

Green breakfast – plant-based yogurt is the way forward

Press release August 25, 2020
Pr foto spiser Joe Kurt
Naturli Foods Naturli´ Joe Kurt The breakfast habits of the consumers are turning green – just like the rest of their meals. Therefore, Naturli’ – who has been the market leader for plant-based foodstuffs in Denmark since 1988 – now launches a complete series of 100 % plant-based yogurt named Joe’ Kurt. The taste, color and texture of these products are similar to those of traditional animal yogurt. Offering their plant-based yogurt, the company expects to be present on ten different export markets within the next two years.

Coreshop Solutions, Perfion: New Partnership for North America

Press release May 19, 2020
Perfion Logo RGB
Product Information Management PIM Perfion Strategic Alliance Makes CoreShop Solutions Total Solution Provider for Manufacturers & B2B

JVL A/S to supply 1000 integrated motors for emergency respirators

Press release April 1, 2020
COVID-19 Respirator Norway Within a few weeks JVL A/S must deliver 1000 integrated stepper motors for use in a new type of respirator for the Norwegian health authorities.

Beginner's guide to snowboarding

Press release December 12, 2019
Snowboard extras equipment
Snowboarding Guide Snowboard One of the easiest ways to start loving cold winters is snowboarding. No doubt, people who snowboard are a lot more enthusiastic about massive snowfalls, than other, who just stay at home mumbling about summer time. If you are from the mumbling ones, this guide is perfect for you. Here are 5 basic things you should know before joining the WSF (world snowboard federation).

Danish company launches a new, ground-breaking roof paint for the US market

Press release November 7, 2019 Paint Construction Roof paint Coolingpaint Roof is a patented and innovative roof paint that reflects over 90% of the sun’s infrared rays and reduces the surface’s absorption of heat from the sun’s rays by up to 20%. The paint offers a solution to climate-related challenges by reducing the increasing need for cooling in the US, extends the life expectancy of the roof and reduces the need for maintenance.

Danish company sets the agenda for facade coatings in the US construction industry

Press release October 7, 2019 Paint With a further development of the technology behind the United States military’s stealth project, which was to reduce the visibility of aircraft on radar, the Danish company Nowocoat has developed a new ground-breaking facade coating for fibre cement and plaster surfaces in the US. The result is a patented facade coating that reflects 90% of the sun’s infrared rays and reduces the surface’s absorption of heat from the sun’s rays by up to 20%.

What does e-learning have to do with reducing CO2 emissions?

Press release September 19, 2019
E-learning CO2-emissions CO2-reduction Online training is smart, flexible and time efficient, but also has huge climate benefits by reducing CO2 emissions. ELEARNINGFORCE and Priva have done the math and can provide evidence.