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About PressPort

PressPort is a unique and digital PR-platform that makes it easy to communicate with media and journalists around the world. The PR-platform is currently used by more than 6,000 companies and organisations for publishing press releases, news stories and other PR material. We started the company in Denmark in 2002 and are today represented in several countries.

With PressPort, all companies and organisations can publish their PR-material, such as press releases, news stories, images, etc. in their own newsroom. The PR-material is released at the time and to the media and journalists you want. In addition, a PressPort newsroom enables journalists, bloggers and other interested parties to easily follow your company / organisation.

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At PressPort we are ready to help you with your PR and digital communication. Contact us today. Phone (+45) 70 200 351
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7 159 companies and organizations have chosen PressPort to distribute their press releases, get media monitoring, attract more business and publicity
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