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NamiGreen E-waste Announces Major Changes to Recycling Program

NamiGreen E-waste, the leader in environmentally responsible electronic waste recycling in Namibia, announces two important updates to its recycling program.

Press releases November 30, 2023

NamiGreen Announces Relocation of Company Headquarters

NamiGreen, a leading provider of e-waste recycling services in Namibia, announced today that it has relocated its company headquarters to a new, larger facility in Windhoek.

Press releases March 1, 2023
CO2 Namibia

NamiGreen E-waste now measures the CO2 impact of e-waste recycling operations in Namibia

Namibia's premier recycling company, NamiGreen, have started to measure CO2 reductions enabled by their recycling efforts.

Press releases April 28, 2022
MultiChoice NamiGreen collaboration video edit save a little bit of Namibia

MultiChoice and NamiGreen are saving a little bit of Namibia everyday!

The partnership between MultiChoice and NamiGreen is saving a little bit of Namibia everyday by aiding citizens safely dispose of the old and discarded electronics.

Press releases November 24, 2021
Ecorobotics logo

Ecorobotics and NamiGreen announces partnership on e-waste recycling

Ecorobotics in Namibia has partnered with NamiGreen to aid citizens rid their electronic waste or e-waste.

Press releases November 3, 2021
E-waste Mountain Namibia

Namibia celebrates the International E-waste Day 2021 - 14 October 2021.

As reported by the UN, in 2021 people worldwide will generate an average of 7.6 kilograms of e-waste, a figure that translates to 57.4 million tons globally.

Press releases October 13, 2021
Laser printer cartridges - recycling at NamiGreen E-waste

NamiGreen no longer pays for recycling printer cartridges

Due to increased administrative burdens for managing recycled printer cartridges, NamiGreen unfortunately no longer pays for printer cartridges.

Press releases September 27, 2021




NamiGreen is an e-waste management company that recycles broken/old computers, mobile phones, laptops, - and basically every other electronics you can think of. We are based in Windhoek, Namibia in Africa.


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